The Dance of We

Mark Horowitz's book gets to the root of why social systems--families, organizations, communities--often work poorly, and what we have to do to help them work better. An insightful and important contribution.
Adam Kahane, Chairman of Reos North America and author of Power and Love: A Theory and Practice of Social Change 

In reading The Dance of We I experienced both relief and insight: relief, because it makes complex predicaments simple; insight, because it discloses connections between widely different situations, and it clearly explains a variety of difficulties we must face every day.     But that is not all. This book had a subtler, deeper effect on me, and I trust it will have the same on other readers: its beauty is that it removes the obstacles between you and your heart.
Piero Ferrucci, author of The Power of Kindness and Your Inner Will

This book is a must for leaders who want to create more proactive, life-affirming companies. Horowitz outlines four major characteristics of dysfunctional human systems that sabotage corporate culture and personal motivation.  He then lays out four key principles for overcoming them. His model doesn't only work in business but in every aspect of your life.  It's essential reading for anyone that wants to lead a richer, more fulfilling and successful life.
     Dr. Bob Kriegel, keynote speaker and NY Times best selling author of If It Ain't Broke . . . Break It! and Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers 

In this amazing book, Mark Horowitz brings together the experiences of a lifetime as student, teacher, consultant, and just plain wise human being with the courage to look unblinkingly into his own life for the lessons therein. Mark brilliantly pulls together messages from movies, books, current events, politics, humanistic theoreticians and their theories, as well as his own experiences. His liberal biases come through unashamedly; which may be how he balances Power in the world with needed Love. And, did I mention humor? The cartoons alone are worth the price of the book.
    Barry Oshry, author of Seeing Systems and Leading Systems

In this brilliant examination of the causality of human systems and their power to influence perceptions, relationships and outcomes  Mark Horowitz shows us how to recognize unseen abusive forces and  join together in authentic generative  community. The Dance of We is a book that is useful to everyone who dreams of living and working  in relationships that are life affirming and sustainable.  The clear and powerful principles and exercises articulated in this book are universally applicable.  I doubt there is anyone who could not benefit from reading it or who would not experience being healed by it.
​     Rachel Naomi Remen MD, author of Kitchen Table Wisdom and My Grandfather's Blessings

This is one of the most accessible books on the power of organizational systems and the visceral impact they have on those who work in and lead organizations.  must read for leaders of complex (not necessarily large) private and public sector organizations who know they have to go beyond the personal and interpersonal dynamics to understand and bring about transformation.
    Roger H Evans, founder of CLC, a leadership consulting company and author of 5DL - Five Dimensions of Leadership (2014) and The Creative Manager (1999)

Horowitz skillfully explains often-overlooked dynamics of power and love so central to complex human systems, and does so with remarkable clarity — and with much heart. The Dance of We is, clearly, an invaluable resource to anyone truly serious about engaging the transformations of our family lives, of our institutions—and of our very culture—transformations demanded by these challenging times.
    Raúl Quiñones Rosado Ph.D., author of Consciousness-in-Action: Toward an Integral Psychology of Liberation & Transformation 

In this clear and comprehensive work, Mark Horowitz applies systems thinking to the challenge of understanding the interactions between individuals and the groups to which they belong — whether it be family, organization or business — showing how a fuller appreciation of these dynamics can help repair dysfunctional attitudes and foster more life-affirming behaviors. A most valuable book for anyone wanting to improve human relationships within a group. 
    Peter Russell, author of The Global Brain and From Science to God

As a state legislator in a political system that often becomes stuck in dysfunction, this book offers me ideas and thoughts about how to overcome these obstacles.  We legislators strive to serve our district, yet often don’t see beyond our own ideologies.  This book offers a perspective on how to get beyond ourselves and achieve our shared goal of improving the lives of the people of our state.
    Representative Joan Welsh, Maine House of Representatives

​Mark Horowitz does a remarkable job in this insightful and practical book, helping us to see and understand the system dynamics and dysfunctions of our families and organizations.  With humor, personal st​ories, and real world examples, he demonstrates how we can transform our human systems into Life-affirming ones.
    Molly Young Brown, author of Growing Whole: Self-realization for the Great Turning, and co-author with Joanna Macy of Coming Back to Life: The Updated Guide to the Work That Reconnects.

For the fifteen years that Mark Horowitz has been coming to teach Systems to our students, they have asked him where they can read the remarkable material he teaches.  We are happy that his wisdom and humor will now be available in writing.
    I am sure this book will help to kindle the spirit of love in its readers and support them in owning their power in systems. This is the kind of book that encourages us to transform our ways of seeing as well as our ways of being.
    Alexander Badkhen, MD, Co-founder of the HARMONY Institute, Director of the International School for Psychotherapy Counseling and Group Leadership. (St.Petersburg, RUSSIA).

Bravo! In this fresh and very timely book, Mark Horowitz gives us a new pair of "human systems glasses" that helps us see why things go wrong in our relationships, our organizations, and the political and economic systems that govern our lives. More importantly, he provides us with a set of proven principles and practices that can help us join with others to create dynamic human systems that foster mutual respect and common purpose.
    Bill Joiner, co-author of Leadership Agility and President of ChangeWise, a leadership & organizational consulting firm

This is a book that every helping professional should read,because if we delude ourselves into thinking that any client has a problem that is theirs alone, we are not doing our job. Every client, every diagnosis, every move towards health is embedded in systems. As we turn our eyes to the bigger picture, we can help our clients, and ourselves, to take a just and rightful place in the world.
     Dr. Dorothy Firman, professor of psychology and the author of a number of books including Engaging Life: Living Well with Chronic Illness.

Mark Horowitz was one of my closest (and wisest) friends growing up.  I read this product of his life’s work with great interest.  My three terms as a Denver city councilwoman grew out of the values that Mark and I have shared for a lifetime - a firm belief in community.   But when that community breaks down in disagreement, we often blame ourselves or we blame the other people.  The Dance of We moves us past blame with both wise and practical approaches.
    Jeanne Robb, Denver City Councilwoman  

Mark Horowitz's The Dance of We is a creative, thoughtful, and literate vision of an emergent Jewish psycho-spirituality. Horowitz blends psychology, theology, humor and life experience into a fine read.
    Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, Emanu-El Scholar in residence at Congregation Emanu-El of San Francisco and author of a score of books on Jewish mysticism and spirituality.